T4 Studio, a small group of members who was created during a gaming course.

Where it started?

It started during the Gaming 2021 Course at Technocité. The last 2 months of the course consisted of a final workshop where the objective was to create a demo of a game in 2 months. Some people from the training therefore presented their concept, among these people, Egon Rivera Fernandez presented « Shadow’s Bullet » to the trainers to enter the selection, votes followed and 5 concepts as well as Shadow’s Bullet ended up in the final and the groups were made freely.

During the 2 months of the final workshop

Every week, we pooled our skills and continued to develop the game, it was only positive and the trainers told us to continue like that. After 1 month of development, the base of the game was done, se we did 1 month of polishing. After the 2 months of development, during the GameMax Live event, the presentation of the demos followed and Shadow’s Bullet was very popular.

What's next?

After the course, we took a break, during the break, there were small game updates for events where we participated.

Shadow’s Bullet was popular, we have actively resumed development of the game since the beginning of January 2022 and have participated in events in the meantime.

You can find these events (our IRL appearances) here, in french only.

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