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T4 Studio

We are from Belgium, Wallonia. You may not know it but we love developing video games, like almost thousands of video game studios around the world, but you should know that developing a video game in Belgium is a bit complicated… But we have a chance to come out of the shadows… A game that we love to develop and where we have fun every time we do playtests on it… Maybe you too can have fun on this game.

How T4 Studio has been created? Where it started? Our IRL appearance?
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Shadow’s Bullet is a top-down local multiplayer arena game with a twin-stick shooter gameplay, for 2 to 4 players sharing the same screen.

Players control agents from the future who have the particularity to become invisible as long as they’re not under a bright light or taking actions.

Players will fight each other, free for all or in teams, in various game modes, on multiple maps throughout various locations and time periods. Each one with their own game mechanics and traps to discover.

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